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Competitive Analysis

Pay Per Minute


Unlike other solutions, with EasyPark customers pay for the exact time parked. When using other platforms such as meters, pay-and-display machines and some mobile phone applications, customers need to purchase a "block" of time in advance even if they end up not using all of it. An EasyPark customer simply shuts the device when returning to the car, therefore paying only for the time used.



With EasyPark, enforcement becomes an efficient and effective task. Parx offers two enforcement options:

  • Electronic inspection is done using a Hand Held Terminal (HHT) which securely communicates with the device through Radio Frequency communication. The HHT captures all inspection events which are later uploaded to the back office system during synchronization. This allows authorities to reward inspectors "Positively" by the number of inspected vehicles instead of "Negatively" by the number of issued fines.
  • Visual inspection - the inspector merely takes a look at the device LCD display which shows whether it is legally parked.

With both options, there is no need to use costly online communication with back-end systems in order to validate the parking.

Funds Collection


Collecting cash and coins from meters and machines is time consuming, costly and highly exposed to fraud. Using EasyPark, all parking fees are securely transferred electronically saving high operating expenses to the municipality and  parking operator.

Setup Investment Costs


EasyPark system setup does not require capital investment in meters, machines, network infrastructure, special signage or road construction. Setup is done on the back-office server only, hence its cost is much more competitive than other solutions in the market.

Customer Pays for Parking Only


With EasyPark there are no "Hidden costs" such as extra service fees, mobile phone call or text message expenses.

Personal Privacy


The EasyPark device can be used anonymously unlike mobile phone payment which requires registration and personal information disclosure.

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