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EasyPark Device

EasyPark Overview

The core of the EasyPark system lies in a durable, adaptable, contactless, multi-application smart card. The patented EasyPark system, which consists of a single in-vehicle device (an "in-vehicle parking meter") and proprietary software, provides a simple and convenient solution, which can be used for all parking needs including on street parking, parking lots, toll roads, etc. The EasyPark system can be operated either as a stand-alone system or on top of traditional parking payment infrastructures to reduce cash handling and eliminate fraud.


Parx's system offers a number of unique benefits:


  • EasyPark solution is a proven solution with outstanding track record
  • The EasyPark solution is efficient and cost effective
  • Parx's commercial model is attractive for all stakeholders
  • EasyPark is based on reliable, secure and scalable technology
  • A flexible and powerful back-office system
  • EasyPark offers many benefits for drivers
  • EasyPark can be implemented under a different brand.
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